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Meet Julia Thyberg,
Licensed Massage Therapist

Growing up, Julia was very active; she played sports through high school, and got injured her senior year. After her injury, her mom gifted her with a massage, and it helped Julia’s healing process. She fell in love with that feeling of healing and always knew she wanted to do something with her hands. Julia looked into massage school, and attended the East-West Healing Arts Institute-Madison, which specialized in therapeutic massage.

In school, she learned both Eastern and Western forms of massage, and the background behind those. Julia integrates both sides into her therapeutic massage.

Providing Customized Massage

During her massage sessions, Julia also uses the acupressure technique on trigger points in combination with different types of massage to create a unique approach for each client. As add-ons, she also uses essential oils and hot stones, which are beneficial in various ways for different people.

Helping Others As She Was Helped

Julia had injured her low back and herniated a disc, and had to learn how to heal herself through that process. “I learned a lot about helping people with low back pain and started working with a few clients regularly.” She’s been able to share the knowledge she learned from her injury and receiving chiropractic care and physical therapy. Julia shared all that information with clients, which helped them achieve good results.

For Julia, it’s fulfilling to help clients live better, healthier lives. “It’s a reward you can’t get from many other jobs.”

Enjoying an Active Life

When she’s not at the practice, Julia enjoys walking her dog, spending time with her family, and coaching her son’s basketball team. In the summer months, she and her husband regularly play co-ed softball on a team with some friends.

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